Research Interests

Research Interests

As a scientist and naturalist, I am invested in the preservation and, when necessary, restoration of all ecosystems. Humans are an integral part of landscapes.  Human-induced influences range from localized disturbances (i.e. deforestation / resource extraction) to global climate change. My general research interests investigate practical, ecologically-based methods to assist the recovery of plants, animals, and soils after severe habitat disturbance. My current research focus investigates soil biogeochemical cycles, microbes (i.e. fungi and bacteria), and native plant communities.

I think of ecological problems and solutions in terms of the big picture concepts.

Habitat destruction and human influence does not stop at site-specific restoration projects. It is crucial to integrate sustainable technologies that reduce human waste and sequester greenhouse gases while creating native habitat. Such technologies can include soil amendments (i.e municipal compost, biochar, biosolids) or biotic inoculation (i.e. arbuscular mycorrhizae, n-fixing bacteria, earthworms). My research career will incorporate any and all pursuits that speed the recovery of disturbed ecosystems.

Other academic pursuits include stressing the importance implementing proper experimental design and statistical procedure in ecological restoration. Furthermore, I am trying to install a culture of proper data management in scientific disciplines (aka. Stop Using Excel! – See Tutorials > Spreadsheet Addiction)

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