Other Endeavors

Hobbies and Interests

Birding / Hiking

I have been birding since 2009. I can distract myself for hours tracking down birds.  Each season I am getting better at bird ID by call. Lots to learn. Also, it gives me a great excuse to get a away from the computer and hit the mountain trails after a long winter.


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IMG_4746Cross-country Skiing

We have world class cross-country skiing in the Okanagan valley.  From November – April, I am on the trails a couple of times a week.


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Mission Hill Winery DSC_2943-EditGuitar

I picked up my guitar again and have been playing for about a year.  Music is a great outlet after a long day of science.

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The Pursuit of Cooking

I am always on a mission to make awesome food.  My current obsession is perfect Indian food.  I am now a pupil of the Vah Chef.  Curry perfection is on the horizon.

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